Hamptons resorts and restaurants; Wine and dine in Long Island.

For those who think of Long Island and Hamptons Resorts, as just another exclusive location for family vacations and romantic getaways, you might want to rethink.

Hamptons Resorts NYLavish Hamptons resorts and million-dollar vacation homes aren’t the only thing that lures well-off New Yonkers and famous celebrities in. But Long Island is peculiarly known for its spectacular vineyards, wineries and fine dining restaurants that serve the best wine in the city.

From elegant, top-notch restaurants with a varied menu to small bistros serving mouth-watering seafood, to casual East End diners, Long Island has a wide range of dining spots to meet every food lover’s palate.

That being said, let’s take a short glance at some of the finest places to vineyards to visit on Long Island that will make your trip to the enchanting island destination worthwhile.

Bedell Cellars.

Ask the localities where you get the most luscious wine around Long Island, most would answer with Bedell Cellars. Much lauded on the island, wines produced by Bedell Cellars are small hand-crafted pieces of art. Hamptons Resorts.

Our recommendations? Make reservations beforehand and when you walk in the beautiful tasting room, don’t miss out on merlots, viogniers and gallery whites.

Macari vineyards and wineries.

Perched on a 500-acre waterfront in Mattituck. Macari is known as one of the first vineyards to introduce natural farming on Long Island. Not only does the vineyards grow a huge variety of grapes including cabernet sauvignon, pinot gris, gruner and Syrah. But also the farm is home to donkeys, horses, red foxes, goats, blue herons and groundhog.

Channing daughters’ winery

An upscale East End winery spread across 28 acres vineyards. Channing Daughters hand grow different varieties of grapes including Syrah, cabernet franc, sauvignon blanc and muscat. The tasting room, which is open year-round offers six wines to sample, consequently.

It’s important to take note that the winery, unlike many in Long Island. Therefore, do not offer winery tours and allow pets in the premises.  Hamptons resorts sound the ideal choice.

Wolffer estate vineyard

It’s not just the wines produced here but the environment and services that makes Wolffer stand out as a vineyard. Besides the wine tasting that ranges from $15 to $25 for four wines. One can enjoy the brunch and dinner offered at the Wolffer Kitchen along with some music. Also, not to forget. There are stables in the vineyard to offer horse training and boarding service.

That is quite a list of breweries and wineries for a single trip to Long Island. So, while here, don’t forget to embark on a tour to one of these wineries. Indulge in wine tasting, talk with vintners and learn how they come with that perfect taste, dine at a local restaurant and relax the night away in one of the best Hamptons resorts.