Summer in the Hamptons and few tips from the locals.

summer in the HamptonsSummer on Long Island and we just can’t help but make plans around the Hamptons.  Because summer in the Hamptons is very popular this year! Check also, the total new prices from the Bay Watch Hotel & Marina at the Hampton Bays.
The Hamptons have been recognized as one of the most loved summer destinations by the New Yorkers. Not only will you see several high-end bungalows in Hamptons lined along the seaside. But the place is also home to some ritzy restaurants, resorts, bars and designer boutiques.

While hanging around in a place like that is going to cost you some serious cash. You can still manage a budget weekend and find many Efficiency rooms in Hamptons.

We’ve gathered a bit of information on what you can do when in the Hamptons. So that you don’t have to stumble around and waste your time in finding places to stay and determining things to do, for this Summer in Long Island.


Best dining options, for eaters and drinkers!

summer in the Hamptons Of course, good food largely contributes to a weekend well-spent. The good news is you’ve countless choices when it comes to dining out in a sophisticated restaurant. Or drinking the night away at our favourite 78 Foster Restaurant & Bar.

Karamba tropical restaurant, The Moby’s, Della Femina’s, The Palm, Bay Kitchen Bar and Nick & Tony’s are among the best dining options you have. However, these eateries attract huge traffic over weekends so it’s advised to plan ahead and get your table booked in advance. Summer in Long Island.

Furthermore, those seeking a little casual and budget-friendly options. Also have a fair share of eateries and takeaways including Round Swamp Farm, Loaves and Fishes and not to mention, the Hamptons food market.


Summer in Long Island and what you should you do list!

  • The Hamptons encompass adventure spots and fun destinations galore. To start with, the less crowded and pristine bay beaches are an ideal place to spend hours with family and friends. The main beach in East Hampton tops the list and followed by the likes. Of Georgia Beach, Mecox and Flying Point Beach.
  • Apart from beaches. The Hamptons offer an 18-hole Montauk Downs State Park Golf Course, public tennis courts, wide walk lanes and bike routes and more. Outdoor conveniences for sports enthusiasts to rejuvenate and make the most out of their time.
  • Main Beach Surf & Sport located in Wainscot. Is another thrilling spot to land a perfect weekend gateway experiencing ecstatic water sports and activities. You can rent canoes, kayaks and sailboats. Take surfing lessons from skilled instructors, and embark on a group water excursion and more for this summer.
  • In addition, the Hamptons have plenty to offer and keep visitors busy in awe-inspiring ways. Be aware, wineries, art galleries, antique stores and designer boutiques are tempting zones. That may not have been mentioned here but can induce you into burning a hole in your pocket.


Summer in Long Island 2017


The Takeaway, there’s still some room for an affordable budget travel for your summer in Long Island.

Undoubtedly, there’s little possibility that you will land a successful weekend gateway or tip in the Hamptons without burning through hundreds and thousands of dollars. However, having gone through this blog, you will realize there’s still some room for an affordable budget travel. Just make sure, you have your bookings done well in advance as suites and cottages you fancy may get jam-packed before you even get there. Summer in Long Island.

Come see exactly what this gorgeous area offers! If you prefer to relish your tour on the other side of the island, avoid the expressways. We all went to the exact beaches, the very same parties. Each town had its very own distinct nature and price point.


So, plan smart for do well-spent weekends, this summer in the Hamptons.
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