Best hamptons hotels and Holidays;

Plan a Beach Vacation That Your Kids Will Love.

Best hamptons hotelsBest hamptons hotels: The Hamptons have a reputation for being all exclusive and swanky, basically a place for the elite.

But it isn’t completely true. It’s not just the rich and famous who belong here. The Hamptons are actually an ideal vacation spot for families. The beautiful enclave has a lot of affordable yet chic Hamptons hotels, kid-friendly adventure activities, sights and attractions to offer that don’t necessarily need you to be well off or exalted though it would certainly help if you are.

In addition, we have complied a few ideas and to-dos for an unforgettable family splurge that will make your kids love you even more. So, let’s scope out your options the best hamptons hotels.

A seamless stay at the family owned Bay Watch Hotel.

When traveling with toddlers or infants, you have to pay special attention to your accommodations. Strategically located to the east end of the Long Island, Bay Watch Hotel and resort is everything you need for a seamless family-friendly stay when in the Hamptons.

Spotlessly clean and spacious rooms with fully-equipped kitchens, a personal sitting outdoor area, free kayak, canoe and jet ski launching from the hotels’ private ramp; Bay Watch, one of best Hamptons hotels, offers just the perfect setting and amenities to create a family feel during your stay.

And as if this wasn’t enough, you can leverage the hotel’s proximity to the Hampton’s serenest beaches including Ponquogue Beach, Cooper’s Beach and East Hampton Main Beach.

Stroll to the beaches with the little ones.

Even if you have any specific resort or accommodation choice other than Bay Watch Hotel & Marina in your mind, you can rest assured that your hotel will provide you with private or local beach access.

If you’re traveling with teens, Cooper’s beach can be a great spot for family fun. The glorious sugar sand beach offers plenty of parking space, restrooms and concessions. Also a playground area along with a nice pavilion. Alternatively, if you have toddlers and infants with you. Flying Point Beach with gold sand and calm Atlantic surf is the beach to hit up.

Somewhere off the Beach.

Traveling with kids is not easy and all you want is a vacation as safe and hassle-free as possible. In case you wish to avoid fishing, sailing, surfing, jet skiing, kayaking and sailboarding. Or say beaches altogether owing to safety concerns, beach traffic or weather conditions. The East End sure has alternatives for you.

There are several family-owned vineyards around the North Fork of Long Island. Like Martha Clara, Bedell Cellars that are open for kid’s tours and tastings. Not only can you have your little one tasting delicious wines here. But also these vineyards are bustling with activity like family picnics and animal rides. Live music and more on the weekends.

Best hamptons hotels, The final word.

Planning a family vacation is as exhilarating and delightful as the vacation itself. And the key to success of a family holiday is planning head. You know the Hamptons have adventures galore to experience with the Best hamptons hotels. With these ideas in mind, ensure that you’ve the best to-do list for your family holidays. Make the most out of your family time in the Hamptons.

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