How you plan last-minute romantic getaways in Long Island.

Romantic getaways in Long IslandRomantic getaways in Long Island carefully planned long-awaited holidays are a breeze.
It’s like you’ve been talking about those weekend getaways in NY for the last few months, picked a destination, booked accommodations well in advance, got an itinerary jotted, airport transfers, adventure activities and everything else you need to land an unforgettable vacation is at your fingertips. This is definitely going to be great!

But, what if you just wake up in the morning and your best buds crash into your place with a map in their hand that highlights a spot you’re about to hit up in a couple of hours? You’ll be excited of course.

Let’s admit it, spontaneous travel adventures are fun. While planned vacations are definitely feasible and convenient, there’s something unusually pleasing about those impulsive travel plans that impel you to make it happen anyway.

However, this head-first plunge can be challenging. You got to have your last-minute planning specifics and checklist to make it through hassle-free. So, here they are, your tips;

Romantic getaways in Long Island, You can’t be picky here.

Remember, you’ve made an impulsive travel decision. Needless to say, you’ll have to compromise on some things and the first of them would be choices.

You would probably have plenty of destinations in your bucket-list. Don’t look at them at all. Keep it random and you’ll keep the essence of last-minute getaway. Alternatively, go for a location that offers the best deals on airfares and hotels.

Manage time.

If you have a job and even if you don’t, you definitely have a daily life to lead, you certainly need to get back. You may be leaving spontaneously for your vacation but you have to decide when you’re getting back, especially from Romantic getaways in Long Island.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a whole week or month to make your escape rather adventurous. Even a one-day getaway from the city can work wonders for your otherwise hectic life. Decide how many days you can manage to get away from work and life without yielding adverse consequences.

A little research is inevitable.

Don’t let your last-minute plans blow off your budget. Finding the time is one of the hardest parts of last-minute trips. But you can’t book the first flight or hotel you find on the web. Many websites offer amazing deals on last-minute weekend getaways in NY. All you need to do is explore the internet for an hour or so. This will help save big on your bookings and you can use that cash to explore your destination better. Make your reservation online: Booking Page.


Sometimes, you just have to get away without thinking twice. And, it’s ok. A little spontaneity often brings you unforgettable pleasures and memories. Moreover, if you take note of these tips when struck by instant wanderlust, you can avoid most of the problems linked with last-minute travel and who knows you could end up being an inspiration to others. For the best Romantic getaways in Long Island, book online one perfect cottage at Bay Watch Hotel (Phone: +1 631 728 4550) at the Hampton Bays.