US Golf Open 2018 and the Game is About to Begin!

The US Golf Open 2018, is going to be an exciting and eventful year. The tournament will take place at Shinnecock Hills Golf Club, in Southampton, N.Y. The 118th U.S. Open Championship will be held June 11-17, 2018 and Tickets are now on sale at The fans and players are getting ready for an amazing competition. Excitement is in the air and the tournaments can’t start fast enough. Even the golf betting firms are confused that what is about to happen this year.

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Shinnecock Hills GC – U.S. Open 2018 Preview: 3.32 Minutes.
An official source, Golfing World – Official YouTube Channel.

Golf Open 2017 – Round 1 Highlights: 4.58 Minutes.
Official source: YouTube Channel – PGA of Australia.

All fans believe that this US Golf Open 2018 will be unpredictable!

The dominance of Thomas Aiken in the first week and Big Four. There are chances that the 2nd week of the Golf tournament is already preordained. However, sometimes even the best odds prove to be wrong. The previous US Open is the perfect example. Why we should always watch the live sport instead of trusting the prediction. No one can say that what is going to happen. This is the reason sports betting is the toughest. Some of the shocking revelations that have been made for this season are:

  • Mason Andresen, who is higher on the ranking might defeat Daniel Berger
  • In less than 2 years, Thomas Aiken is rank in the top 100. This is shocking for many fans and the fact that it might lead to serve.
  • You cannot forget Derek Barron who has to give the perfect performance against Angelique Kerber. Who is also known as the number 1 women.

US Golf Open 2018


Where? When? Rentals? Tickets?

Seems like, The old lions are ready to roar.

Regarding the US Golf Open 2018, many people have the misconceptions. Most noteworthy, they do not know that the old lions are still tough enough to give their best. What makes them even more appealing, is that they had almost same performance in the previous US Open. Especially relevant and the biggest attraction is that they had not dropped a single set.

So, this is the reason they are the favourite prognosis when it comes to golf betting. Furthermore, Derek Barron is about to rock this season, In the same way. Especially relevant his previous performance. Also, the Mason Andresen is going to be a threat to all the young players.

Probably, there might be some players with the injuries. But, No one is going to let his injury get in the way of the US Golf Open 2018 and their best performance.