Hampton cottages weekend rentals, Cheap Travels; How to Plan a Beach Vacation on a Budget

Cottages in the HamptonsHampton cottages weekend rentals: The Hamptons get a lot of hype for being an outrageously posh vacation spot. From exclusive Hamptons rentals to fine dining, a single trip to the beautiful beach paradise can set you back thousands of dollars.

Ok, is that what you heard about the Hamptons that is making you postpone your Hamptons holidays for a long time?

Well, you heard it right. The Hamptons is certainly famous for its top-notch private beaches, million dollar celebrity homes and the wealthy people themselves.

But don’t panic! Soaking up the sun, the ocean breeze and sipping drinks with peace of mind doesn’t have to cost a mortgage. So, if you don’t quite favor the idea soaking through your big savings for a short weekend getaway, we’ve got you covered folks.

Here are some smart tips for budget travel that will help you enjoy a guilt-free Hampton’s getaway or vacation.

Consider rental.

Hampton cottages weekend rentals are a great means to enjoy your vacation stay without mourning your bills. While you would mostly find glitzy hotels and resorts located a few miles away from placid beaches, share houses and rentals offered by local landlords that make for an affordable stay. Try our hospitality this year for Affordable Weekend Getaways.

Unless you’re on a family trip, you can share these rentals with friends and strangers (other travelers) to cut your costs.

Visit off-season.

On the weekends and during holidays, the Hamptons are jam-packed. The beaches are crowded and most hotels and restaurants would have their peak season rates that are quite outrageous.

If you’re flexible with your dates, consider planning a weekday getaway or off-season trip. Not only can you avoid the crowds and save big on your airfares and accommodations. But the weather, the waters are still pleasant and soothing plus you’ll still have access to lush green vineyards and many other attractions off-season.

Inexpensive entry to chic places.

Not all restaurants and bars in the q Hamptons allow VIP entries and rich crowds only. A number of lesser-known yet sophisticated nightclubs, cafes and diners in the township offer equally outstanding atmosphere and mouth-watering foods.

Furthermore, you can avoid bars and restaurants altogether and indulge in inexpensive recreational activities like hiking, biking and rollerblading that provide a thrilling experience for less. Hampton cottages weekend rentals.

Cottages in the Hamptons – The Takeaway.

There’s no denying that the Hamptons is one exclusive destination for beach holidays and island vacations. But, pay heed to these tips, we assure that you would not have to blow wads of cash on a single trip.